How to get it

Stable versions

The current stable version of ViTables (source and wheel packages) is available in its PyPI page and as a conda package.

Sources repository

In addition, you can get the latest (and possibly buggiest ;-) sources from the git repository if you follow these instructions.

GNU/Linux packages

ViTables packages exist for several GNU/Linux distributions, although they aren't always up to date. Some of these distros are OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Trisquel and Fink. Just use the distro's package manager in order to find and install ViTables.

Other sources

Last but not least, ViTables is included in a couple of scientific-oriented Python distributions, WinPython and Python(x,y). Also you can get the Windows binaries (and many other binaries for interesting software) from Christoph Gohlke's website.