This is a new section where I will collect the (good) things that users say about ViTables. If you want contribute a user quote just let me know and I’ll add it.

ViTables has proved itself as an excellent solution for my research
using high-density electrical neuroimaging. The efficiency with which
it lets me graphically access HDF5 datasets, even extremely large ones,
is simply unparalleled. Highly recommended!

Gabriel J.L. Beckers -
Group Neurobiology of Behaviour,
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

Recently, I discovered the PyTables library which offers a convenient
way to store my numerical data -- mostly present in form of time series
-- in a HDF5 file. Through this storage format, I can preserve the properties
of the time series (associated dates and masks) while storing the data on
disk for later processing. ViTables offers an excellent way to inspect such
data sets visually and moreover to query and explore the data sets. The
developer is very responsive to questions and feature requests that improve
user experience. I can recommend it to anyone working with scientifc data sets.

Tim Michelsen -